Health Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Honey:

Honey is generated naturally by alchemy of bees which collects nectar, pollen from flowers. It provides soothing sore throats. It is having effective antibacterial, antiviral & anti fungal characteristics. It heals injuries (wounds/burns) & repair the internal damages. It can be consumed as a substitute for sugar or artificial sweeteners. It has Skin & Hair benefits. It is having nutrients, antioxidants, healing compounds, phytonutrient antioxidants and enzymes. 


- It regulates blood sugar level.
- It can work as skin moisturizer to fight aging & bacteria. Due to its antibacterial and anti fungal characteristics, it resists bacteria that may lead to skin layer breakouts. Its anti-inflammatory properties will calm skin redness and irritation.
- It transfer moisture from the air into the skin and also helps in further retaining the moisture content in the skin layers. Due to this ability of honey, needed moisture will deep penetrate into the skin & provides long lasting hydration to the skin layers. In raw form, It is having antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients that nourish, cleanse, and hydrate skin. 
- It clarify the skin and keeps the skin pores clean due to presence of the enzymes. Also its antibacterial characteristics prevents bacterial buildup & thus avoid skin imbalances and breakouts. They are having anti inflammatory and anti bacterial compounds that helps in reduction of scars formation, enhances the healing & tissue regeneration. The hydrating properties of honey along-with coconut oil or olive oil helps in reviving skin cells by gentle massaging.
- It provides dull hair with needed shine & also strengthen the hair follicles for healthy hair growth due to the presence of enzymes and nutrients. 
- It maintains needed glycogen levels to help in improving the recovery time. This characteristics of honey is particularly being used by athletes.
- It contains strong anti inflammatory characteristics to calm burned skin and helps in faster recovery by restoring the needed hydration to the deepest layers of effected skin.


Natural remedies do not often yield immediate benefits & require consistent application before any result can be seen. One should never hesitate to reach out to doctors or other healthcare professional before applying any home remedies as a precautionary measure.

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