Friday, 5 August 2016

मित्रों वर्षा ऋतु में अक्सर हमारा स्वस्थ खराब हो जाता है, कभी कभी तो स्थिति इतनी विचित्र हो जाती है की घर परिवार के अधिकतर सदस्य बीमार हो जाते है। वर्षा ऋतु में अगर कुछ सावधानियां बरती जाये तो परिवार के सभी सदस्य विशेष रूप से बच्चे, बुजुर्ग व गर्भवती महिलायें बीमार होने से बच सकती है। वर्षा ऋतु में सावधानी व बीमारियों से बचाव के लिए निम्न वीडियो देखें।

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Garbh Sanskar Testimonial by RACHNA SINGH from BANGLORE

Garbh Sanskar Testimonial by RACHNA SINGH from BANGLORE

I wish to thank to the divine who brings Dr Dhingra in my life. He is a Guru who shown path to me to change my unborn child's destiny. I have joined classes when I was 2 months pregnant (oct 2013) against my husband wish.

And the journey started under Dr. Dhingra's guidance, my husband was still saying me" I don't know what all these things you are doing". But i used to say him to add this cost to the delivery cost . 
I did only 40% of the thing which doctor told me due to certain limitations at my end. And the result is unbeliveable as I can do the comparison between my son and daughter. 
I was active & happy through out my pregnancy. As guided by the Dr. Dhingra regarding food intake, I was able to maintain my hemoglobin level to 12 whithout iron intake. 
Meditation and Garbh Samvad classes helped me interact with my baby. I came to know about features I want in my baby, about kind of horoscope, about qualities in my baby. 
During classes, I did Sun gazing, Mantra chanting, Punsavan sanskar, writing mantras, and many more. I strongly recommend to do Navratri chanting which has transformed many changes in my womb. 
I have felt the movement of my baby in 3rd month of pregnancy. 
I have delivered my baby in the 8th month so gone through c-section. In spite of premature baby, she was perfectly well. She was in NICU for 5 hours only. Amazing thing happened when nurse has given me my daughter, she passed a beautiful smile, as she was knowing i am her mother,and everyone in the hospital surprised to see her smile. She has taken birth on the same date and time when my father in law died. 
I think c-section was also the divines decision,as i was daily writing: i have given birth to my baby on divine day and time and in divine conditions with divine grace. 
I have given birth to a divine baby. I thanks divine to come in my womb. I thanks my divine baby for choosing me as mother. I thanks divine to blessing my baby with super powers and super intelligence. I thanks divine for blessing me baby with extraordinary beauty. 
About My daughter: VARDHITA 
She is very lucky for us, her birth has solved the 15 yrs old legal case. My sister's marriage has finalized for which we have lost the hope. 
She is very beautiful, intelligent, once watch things she captures in her mind, her voice is very clear. She sing and dance very well. She eats every things, she eats food on her own. Always passes smile to everyone. She is left and right handed. 
So if the result of 40% is this then one can imagine the result of 100% efforts. 
I suggest try to do everything what Dr. Dhingra says in his classes. Due to some reason like lack of time if you can not follow classes then no issue, keep a try but don't leave. 
If anyone missed these classes it will be a heavy loss which no one can recover even after spending millions of money elsewhere. 
Doing these classes is equally important as going to a gynecologist. 
Today I have regret that i wish if i could have done all these things when i was first time pregnant. 
My million dollar thanks to Dr Dhingra and to the Holy Divine. 
Rachna Singh

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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Garbh Sanskar Testimonial by SUNITA SHIRISH WAGHUNDE from PUNE

Garbh Sanskar Testimonial by SUNITA SHIRISH WAGHUNDE from PUNE

I would like to share my experience with my pregnancy. I am very happy to tell you a gorgeous daughter joins our family.

my baby is two months old now & she always smile & having extra ordinary catching power. my baby started recognising my touch & sound of myself and husband after one month. when she start crying i would play gayatri mantra & ramraksha then she immediately stop crying and gives cute smile. we are highly satisfied with the DIVYA GARBHSANSKAR & are very thankful to Dr Anand Dhingra .

We especially practiced garbh samwad, mantra therapy, sun therapy , daily routine, baby brain development, navratri gayatri sadhna, which were able to guide & give sanskars to our child in the womb & my baby responded very well with 100% result.

I will suggest expected couples to attend this classes it was really life changing experience. we are heartly thankful to Dr. Anand Dhingra.

Sunita Shirish Waghunde pune

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Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016

May this new year be in good health, happiness and affection of those around you. Have a happy new year and you obtain all the happiness you crave.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Garbh Sanskar Testimonial by MANSUKH PATEL from MUMBAI

Garbh Sanskar Testimonial by MANSUKH PATEL from MUMBAI 

This testimonial is going to be like an essay of our experiences. First I thought we would highlight few things but then I changed my mind to add maximum details. I am Mansukh, my wife’s name is Dimpi & we have named our daughter – Eeshi. So let’s begin…
A) Background :
I & Dimpi had been married for almost six years when we decided to have a baby. Dimpi had heard about garbh sanskar and some interesting things about it. We did not have time to go and attend classes, so we started looking for some stuff online for grabh sanskar, right from pre conception stage. We went through a lot of stuff on the web and did some research till our destiny sighted and Dr. Anand Dhingra. To be frank, initially we were very skeptical about it. But we spoke with Dr. Anand Dhingra, saw his amazing impressive video on youtube and attended 2 free classes (Sun gazing & Contra indicative food). We were impressed with his first 2 class on how he was not asking us to follow without reasons. But we were still skeptical if all the classes will be of same quality or only trial classes are good. Finally our speculations ended when my wife spoke to one of the reference ‘Anita Bhatt’ who gave us excellent reviews on entire course. That was the day we decided to enroll ourselves for the classes. We decided to follow as much as we can with 200 percent from our side.

B) The class journey :
We started the sessions sometime in Oct/Nov 2013. We used to wait for Sundays for classes to happen. After lot of persuasion from Dr. Anand Dhingra, and adjusting our work schedules, we went to Gayatri Dham, Sendhwa for 10 days naturopathy camp for mind, body & soul purification. This was the first turning point of our journey. This camp changed us, our bodies completely and our thinking entirely. This 10 days with Pandit Mevalal Patidarji taught us in real sense, how should we live in this world. We came back fresh from this camp and started following all the classes as much as we could, with complete heart & faith in Dr. Anand. Briefly all I could say is his classes on Music, Videos, Telepathy, Positive thinking, Various variations of Mantras, Daily routine, Food habits, Yoga, Meditation – Garbh samvad, How to avoid miscarriages, Sun therapies, Chakras, Dos & Donts, Navratri Sadhna, Timing of conception and many more were just awesome. We conceived sometime in July 2014. Our entire journey was smooth, there was just one mistake we did (if I could recollect) and that is my wife used to take sugar with milk. And during GCT test she was diagnosed with gestational diabetics(Not very high, but slightly above the border line). Immediately, Anandji took a class on the topic and within 2 weeks the sugar level was back to normal. And thus this wonderful journey completed when our baby girl Eeshi arrived on 4th day of chaitra navratri with normal delivery, inspite of Dimpi having pendulous abdomen in Mar 2015.

C) Daily Routine (Please note some food items in these are to be avoided after conception, Please consult with Dr. Anand before you follow it)
1) Take bhasma with honey(taken 2 times by dimpi), Giloy-Awla juice, Aloevera, methi dana (Jeevan Kalpataru, available from gayatri dham) & Cow urine.
2) Yoga, Pranayam, Mantra jap, Sun gazing
3) Milk with brahmakamal somgrath (By dimpi)
4) Have 35 kismis, 10 black rasins, 10 badam, 1 Anjir & 2 pieces of walnut (Soaked in water overnight)
5) Home made Breakfast.
6) Overall Walking of almost 1.5 to 2 hours daily
7) Massage tummy with ghee & in the last month with badam oil
8) Garbha pushti yagya & balivesh
9) We had made a list of qualities which the baby should have. I would keep my hand on Dimpi’s tummy and read those qualities daily to our baby everyday before going to sleep. This made my bond with the baby very very strong. And there used to lot of movements when I used to do it.
10) Sun charged water & cooking oil.
11) Strictly no outside food, only simple home made food was consumed.

Other tasks done by us: 1) No Saas bahu TV serials. Used to watch Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashma, Discovery, National Geographic channels & Mahabharat. We had downloaded 9hrs video of conversation between Arjun & Krishna from old Mahabharata and used to watch it almost everyday in parts. We also watched the Yoga for pregnancy series by Ramdev baba. We had also downloaded all music videos and used to play it on TV.
2) Books read – ‘ If Truth Be Told : A Monk's Memoir’ by Om Swami
3) No Hindi Masala movies, if I remember we watched a Marathi movie ‘Dr Prakash Baba Amte’, ‘Secret’ movie & hindi movie – ‘PK’
4) Body massage with olive oil
5) Jalneti (mostly by me)

D) Results
1) Dimpi had pendulous abdomen, Inspite of that she had a normal delivery. An experience which definitely needs to be mentioned here; during her labour pains the baby had not come down & the doctors said her that we may have to do a C section if the baby does not come down in some more time. At that moment Dimpi prayed to the supreme power & his various forms to help her with normal delivery. Within no time she experienced the strength & the presence of the divine energy around her. The baby took its position & Eeshi was born with few minutes. After delivery when Dimpi described to me her labour experience; I told her I was meditating at the same time (just before Eeshi’s birth) for normal delivery. We now understand the power of meditation – A beautiful & unforgettable experience of our life.
2) I still follow the same daily routine and my weight initially reduced by 13 kgs and now I have regained some weight which is in good normal range. My actual age and body age is same now(Earlier my body was 10 years older than me)
3) Eeshi was holding her neck right from day 1
4) Since Eeshi was 2 months old, whenever she would wake up, we used to take her to bathroom to do toilet and since then, she is doing toilet in bathroom whenever she wakes up
5) I share a strong with my daughter right from conception stage
6) Eeshi used to move her neck on both sides right from early days
7) Eeshi had healthy weight of 3.5 kgs on birth. Her weight had doubled in 3 months. A very healthy sign of healthy baby according to doctors
8) Eeshi would cry looking at her mom whenever she wants milk & would cry looking at me whenever she wanted her to be lifted
9) Eeshi attempted to say ‘Om’ when she was just 3 months old.

E) Special Mention of Shri N S Parmarji

Our testimonial will be incomplete without mentioning our regards to Shri N S Parmarji – a truly super human on earth.
1) We had received a mail from Dr Anand Dhingra, when we were attending naturopathy camp at sendhwa. The email mentioned how a small ritual was done by Shri N S Parmarji before conception.
2) Immediately when we finished our camp, we went to Baroda and had a wonderful time with him.
3) We met him another couple of times and did the rituals, before we conceived and he shared lot of good information with us at soul level and gave the right directions every time.
4) All the 3 sanskars including punsvan sanskar of our daughter were performed by him during pregnancy.
5) After birth of Eeshi, we went and met him again. During this visit, the information shared about our baby by him will always remain itched in our memory. He said: This is a great soul.

I think we are blessed to get in touch with 3 three great souls – Dr. Anand Dhingra, Shri N S Parmarji & Pandit Mevalal Patidarji who have transformed our lives and helped us in bringing a divine soul into our lives. I would recommend this journey to all the couples planning for a divine baby.
Mansukh Patel & Dimpi

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Infertility Treatment - Diet and Lifestyle !!

Infertility Treatment - Diet and Lifestyle: 

- Spices like ajwain powder (bishop’s weed), cumin, turmeric, and black cumin are good for enhancing fertility. Here cumin purifies the uterus in women and the genitourinary tract in men. While turmeric improve the interaction between hormones and targeted tissues.

- Consumption of dairy proteins, like milk, panir (cheese made from milk) & lassi (buttermilk). 
- Eating soaked almonds or walnuts.
- Drink juicy sweet fruits like peaches, plums, mangoes and pears are suitable.
- People with good digestion can eat urad daal (Split Black Gram) cooked with equal composition of turmeric, cumin, coriander, and fennel. They also can eat banana cooked in ghee, cinnamon, and cardamom as dessert dish.
- Food to avoid includes high fat foods and that containing preservatives.
- Intake of Caffeine should be restricted in case woman is having trouble conceiving.
- Limit the consumption of Refined carbs, like white bread, pasta and rice.
- Strictly restrict the smoking, eating a lot of meat, or consuming alcohol.
- Keeping a positive attitude is necessary when trying to get conceive. Stress can impair chance of fertility in women.
- Maintaining BMI is always a help. If woman is underweight, then reproductive system will negatively affect because of the body's inability to maintain a pregnancy. Being overweight or obese may reduces a woman's chances of getting pregnant.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bowel Health !!

Bowel Health:

Bowel functioning is directly related with the eating. 

A healthy bowel action means it should be effortless when one go to sit on the toilet. If you are having to push or strain to get the proper bowels movement, that means the bowels are not efficiently working as per capacity.

One should empty the bowels effortlessly each day considering we are eating every day. As per the food taken, the bowl movement & performance may vary from person to person. we can do to make effective bowels function. The bowels are getting rid of what the body does not want. In case bowels are not getting rid of unwanted items then the items stays within the body. If people are not emptying their bowels effectively they may get hard or nauseated. This may cause headaches, stomach cramps and pains.

The bowels can work well if you take enough water and the food with fibre content. The best sources of fibre are fruits and vegetables, whole grains. For proper bowel movements one also need to consume bulk water, so it helps like a sponge. In case of lack of water it can’t be soaked up.

One must consult the doctor about bowels conditions whenever you feel change in the bowel pattern or find bleeding from the bowel. 

The people that are likely to have bowel movement issues are primarily the elderly or the pregnant women. In some cases the bowels motion slow down & in some cases it get fast. Here again the fibre and fluid intake helps.

For normal bowel working of "clearing out the bad stuff and getting rid of the toxins from body"; one need to take care of quality of liquid & food content. 

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