Garbh Samwad Technique !!

Garbh Samwad Technique :

Garbh Samwad is a technique where we teach how to communicate with the baby in the womb. If the baby is awake during garbh samwad then baby will respond by its body movement.
               In our advanced garbh samwad techniques we take the mother to a state of trans and try to create impressions in the form of good teaching at the sub conscious mind of the baby. As a part of Grabh Samwad we also teach special brain stimulation exercises that increases the coordination between right and left brain of the baby. This enhances all the five intelligence like emotional, spiritual, mental , physical and social  and maintains overall behavioral balance of the baby. Consistent practice of Garbh Samwad technique will not only develop Mind, Body and Soul of baby but also helps baby to become genius. 
               We take online live classes all over the world on skype. Where we will teach you Garbh Samwad.  We provide you 2 to 3 free trial demo classes before you join paid classes. 

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