Divine Spiritual Approach !!

Divine Spiritual Approach of Antenatal Classes :

During time of Pregnancy one can invite divine souls to take birth as transition phase is going on. Spiritually during this time all the divine souls are keen to take birth. Divine souls arrive with good sense of learning to perform good acts in this world.

Divine souls are constantly looking for the appropriate parents, perfect environment where they can able to groom in such a manner that they can continue with their noble work which may be purpose of re-birth.

The couple has to increase the good karmic level to such an extent that the divine soul chooses them to be their parents. 

Since all this is possible only during the pregnancy phase which we strongly believe is one of the most important, precious and delicate phase in the lifetime of any mother. People who follow our most advanced Garbh Sanskar antenatal classes sincerely get desirable results. 

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