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Q: - What is garbh sanskar?
Ans:- Garbh sanskar is an education program which guides us how to give birth to a brilliant, beautiful,      healthy, cultured and hereditary disease free baby. In other words you can name it as fetus training or womb training.

Q: - What are the objects of garbh sanskar or what are its benefits?
Ans: - The object of Garbha Sanskara technique is to create a healthy, good looking, brilliant, cultured, peace loving and free from hereditary disorders progeny for the future.

Q:-When it should be started or when I can join garbh sanskar classes? What is the duration of course? 
Ans: - Process of this technique should basically be started minimum 2 to 3 months or even more before conception (pregnancy planning phase). Although people normally contact us after conception. In that situation they should rush us as early as possible to get maximum possible benefits. 

Q:-what are the other benefits of garbh sanskar?
Ans:- It insures safe pregnancy & enjoying motherhood. If  couple comes to us while planning with following problems like infertility, impotency, obesity, hypothyroidism, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, neurosis, anger and so many other problems, we  treat them thought our mind, body & soul purification method. 

Q: - What is the role of husband?
Ans:- The health of the parents is directly responsible for the health of a child. Not only their physical health, but also their psychological and spiritual health affects the child in the womb. The surrounding environment, the food,
the activities, positive or negative thinking, in fact everything the mother is exposed to during the pregnancy directly affects the child. In Garbha Sanskar technique we teach to correct all the related things in positive manner to get best results in baby. For the above reasons we guide to both husband & wife. If husband is very busy and can’t attend the counseling sessions then we request some family member to come. In pre pregnancy phase the role of husband becomes more important because in that time we can improve quality of sperm and
can remove hereditary disorders from paternal side.

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