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Emotional health during pregnancy

Emotional health during pregnancy: A pregnant women may feel Depression, think about normal baby birth, Worry about labor pain etc.
If women think positive & work on doctor's health advises during pregnancy; surely will make the period memorable & enjoyable. Woman should talk frankly about any concerns with partner or a close one. Sharing your feelings can give you a sense of relief.

Initial fetus movement inside the womb will be an emotional experience for a pregnant women. Due to the mood swings, nausea and tiredness; women may feel low during pregnancy just like any other time of your life.

Worries and mood swings are part of pregnancy. If women feel depressed then may feel alone, may suffer lack of sleep and be more irritable than normal. Here woman must express thoughts to the doctor or counselor which then help you & sort out the queries..

Women normally have more emotionally connect with their unborn baby & feel herself being responsible for their baby'…

Planning for Pregnancy

Pregnancy planning: For the women who are planning for pregnancy should watch for own health. pre-pregnancy health conditions determines your health during pregnancy. The healthy mother delivers healthy child.
A Pregnancy should be properly planned under guidance of doctors & antenatal consultant. Discuss regarding diet and vitamins that need to begin in pre-conception period to prepare body for upcoming pregnancy phase.
A growing fetus needs necessary energy and vital nutrients that are the building blocks for the baby. For satisfying the need of the growing fetus i.e. providing enough calories or nutrients, the would be mother should eat well balance diet during pregnancy. The pregnancy diet should not contains too much fat or sugar. Maintaining a healthy body weight will benefit both you & the upcoming baby, that is why pre-pregnancy planning is necessary. As per doctor's advice, you need to gain weight or loss it, before due conception. Along with suggested diet, the …

Pregnancy and Anaemia !!

Pregnancy and Anaemia: During pregnancy, women should not be anaemic. Anaemia occurs when there is not enough red
blood cells in the blood. The role of Red blood cells is to carry oxygen from your heart to the rest of your body organs such as brain, muscles, skin, kidneys etc. RBC are produced in bone marrow section. RBC contains a haemoglobin protein which is vital for carrying oxygen. In our diet, We should consume iron, vitamin B12 and folate for having necessary haemoglobin from them.

During pregnancy, the women need to make more blood cells or extra haemoglobin which requires consumption of enough diet having  iron, vitamin B12 and folate. Iron supplements are needed in case natural indigestion of iron by the body.

There are many other reasons that women can become anaemic which should be discussed with health care professional.

There are few tests available to perform under the guidance of a doctor like blood count test, iron levels test, vitamin B12 test and folate levels tes…

Folate consumption during pregnancy:

Folate consumption during pregnancy: Folate and folic acid can help in the development of the nervous system & also help in preventing
birth defects like neural tube defects (spina bifida) in babies. Spina bifida is one of the most common birth defects which usually occur in the first week of pregnancy when the brain and spinal cord are forming.

Folate is a B group vitamin needed for healthy growth and development. This vitamin is known as ‘folate’ when it is found naturally in food, such as green leafy vegetables, and as ‘folic acid’ when it is added to food, such as bread and breakfast cereals, or used in dietary supplements.

Under medical super vision, it might be beneficial to raise the folate intake by eating folate rich foods including folate fortified foods or by taking a folic acid supplement. Good sources of folate, brown bread and lettuce.

Folate is water-soluble and can be easily destroyed by intense cooking. Vegetables cooking by steaming or its consumption in raw for…

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care: Pregnancy belongs to the beginning of a new stage in a woman’s life with the emotional, physical, financial and social changes. Pregnancy is a special time for the would be parent and also for the other people around you.
It can be helpful for both prospective parents to know about ways to help themselves and others during time of pregnancy. Join an antenatal class studying parenting books, discussion with family members and friends regarding their parental experiences. A pregnant women seeks helps in matters like unexpected physical health complications & mental health problems. Sharing feelings can be the first step towards feeling better.
It’s important to look after yourself. You have to recognize when you need help & keep on finding things that are necessary to manage routine during pregnancy time. Pregnancy will bring about major changes in relationship as well, particularly in first time pregnancy. 
It’s important to self realize that there should be g…

Self Motivation for Exercise Routine !!

Motivate yourself for the Exercise Routine: Do workout or exercise for a specific goal like for Losing weight, living longer, improving your health and mood. Set your goal & starts moving towards it.

To be consistent with exercising schedule, you need to think positively to overcome initial expectations regarding health improvement. Initially you need to be just regular & try for best. 
To self motivate, set smaller achievable milestones. It will be motivating to watch yourself exceeding the set goal & will encourage you to maintain the interest in you to achieve upcoming major goals.
Many people give up on working out because they do not find the convenience of a gym. They can start exercising at home. Try & find other entertaining exercises that you can do at home. Find the ones you are comfortable with. You may feel extremely sore in the beginning, but the body pain will subside gradually as you work on that muscle causing pain with the help of a trainer. For beginn…