Self Motivation for Exercise Routine !!

Motivate yourself for the Exercise Routine:

Do workout or exercise for a specific goal like for Losing weight, living longer, improving your health and mood. Set your goal & starts moving towards it.

To be consistent with exercising schedule, you need to think positively to overcome initial expectations regarding health improvement. Initially you need to be just regular & try for best. 

To self motivate, set smaller achievable milestones. It will be motivating to watch yourself exceeding the set goal & will encourage you to maintain the interest in you to achieve upcoming major goals.

Many people give up on working out because they do not find the convenience of a gym. They can start exercising at home.
Try & find other entertaining exercises that you can do at home. Find the ones you are comfortable with. may feel extremely sore in the beginning, but the body pain will subside gradually as you work on that muscle causing pain with the help of a trainer. For beginners, the trick is to start off slow on your first day. Start with lower weights and learn about body’s limits. 

Getting incentives (may be in terms of motivating comments) for the hard work is the way to motivate yourself. Give yourself rewards when you reach your goals. One of the major reason people stops exercising is because they don’t visualize feasible results as per their expectations. It may be due to the unhealthier eating habits. When you work out, the body needed requisite calories to satisfy the hunger. Healthy/nutritional foods will help you get the desirable results.

Even a single absence is enough to abandon the routine so be consistent as much as possible while following the excising schedule.

As per psychology, the verbally committed people who follows their goals are likely to be regular in exercising. Tell about your exercise plan to your well wishers. Maybe the fears of being a failure in front of them might help you to move on.

Know about success stories of other people to find self encouragement. Reading about health related inspiring information is another good practice. You may simply want yourself surrounded by people with same motive who would encourage you.
when one feels lazy, the other can provide the necessary encouragement needed to be continue.

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