Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care:

Pregnancy belongs to the beginning of a new stage in a woman’s life with the emotional, physical,
financial and social changes. Pregnancy is a special time for the would be parent and also for the other people around you.

It can be helpful for both prospective parents to know about ways to help themselves and others during time of pregnancy. Join an antenatal class studying parenting books, discussion with family members and friends regarding their parental experiences. A pregnant women seeks helps in matters like unexpected physical health complications & mental health problems. Sharing feelings can be the first step towards feeling better.

It’s important to look after yourself. You have to recognize when you need help & keep on finding things that are necessary to manage routine during pregnancy time. Pregnancy will bring about major changes in relationship as well, particularly in first time pregnancy. 

It’s important to self realize that there should be good reasons for feeling closer and more loving during pregnancy.
You always need extra support from your partner, family or friends. You may wish to talk to your midwife for the useful advise. Regarding the helpful advises for your pregnancy and the coming baby, take your own decisions or choose among suggested options. 

Visits antenatal place with partner or a friend, sister, or any member of family.
Participation of your partner while attending the antenatal classes shall be an added advantage. 
Think about how you’ll manage after the birth. There should be interested people around you to help and support.

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