Planning for Pregnancy

Pregnancy planning:

For the women who are planning for pregnancy should watch for own health. pre-pregnancy health conditions determines your health during pregnancy. The healthy mother delivers healthy child.

A Pregnancy should be properly planned under guidance of doctors & antenatal consultant. Discuss regarding diet and vitamins that need to begin in pre-conception period to prepare body for upcoming pregnancy phase.

A growing fetus needs necessary energy and vital nutrients that are the building blocks for the baby. For satisfying the need of the growing fetus i.e. providing enough calories or nutrients, the would be mother should eat well balance diet during pregnancy. The pregnancy diet should not contains too much fat or sugar.
Maintaining a healthy body weight will benefit both you & the upcoming baby, that is why pre-pregnancy planning is necessary. As per doctor's advice, you need to gain weight or loss it, before due conception.
Along with suggested diet, the women may suggest to have a folate supplement before becoming pregnant.

Pre-conception planning requirement under doctor's supervision:

- Maintain Healthy weight
- A balanced diet
- Regular vitamin intake with folate
- Consumption of other vitamin supplements like calcium, vitamin D etc
- Less caffeine intake
- Health checkup of couple to check for any existing, chronic or even ‘hiding’ health conditions.
a) Diseases like the STIs chlamydia or syphilis might cause health risks for would be mother & her baby during pregnancy without any symptoms so should be taken care of. If the couple have different Rh blood type then woman may need to consume anti globulin to prevent the baby from developing Rhesus disease.
b) If you have an existing health condition such as diabetes or epilepsy, you may need to make changes to your medications when pregnant. If genetic disorders run in your family, your doctor can also do tests for conditions like cystic fibrosis which may affect your baby.
c) It’s important to ensure your vaccinations are up to date before you get pregnant. Diseases that create serious health risks for pregnant mums and babies, like chicken pox, rubella, measles, mumps, influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, and hepatitis B, are preventable through vaccination. In many cases vaccinations are not safe when administered during pregnancy, so make sure your vaccinations are up to date before you get pregnant.
d) Check for sexually transmitted infections including syphilis, chlamydia and HIV

Pregnancy is a time of mental & physical changes in a woman’s life. Woman may need to prepare her mindset for upcoming pregnancy. It will be a good idea to be surrounded with like minded people, friends, consultant to share personal emotional problems when you feel anxious or depressed.

Consult doctor or antenatal consultant about how to maintain pleasing environment to feel happy irrespective of odds or issues like relationship problems, financial difficulties etc. These issues can affect you and baby’s health which should be avoided as a priority.

Pre-conceive preparation makes pregnancy pleasing and healthier for you & the new born. pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance. Pregnancy should be carefully planned and managed so that we can have control over the development phase of fetus. Do consult the doctor & antenatal consultant for a healthy & safe pregnancy.

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