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The key to happiness

The key to happiness lies in the Thought Process: There are number of factors that may be the cause of unhappiness for most of the people. Among
these, two major factors are fear & self doubt.

The concept here is, what is looking unrealistic to a person might be judged as real by the brain. Unfortunately the people unknowingly allows their predetermined phobias which prevents them from achieving their goals & dreams.

Happiness is not just to live life in a state of compassion & gratitude but also to implement that in daily routine as well. By empathizing with individuals around & helping them in their tough time; we actually enable ourselves to establish self pride. Doing something nice for somebody will always gives us a great feeling inside.

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Benefits of Exercises

Benefits of Exercises:
Regular work out improves memory & enhances focus. Exercise can improve body endurance on a physical level as we gain strength and energy. The exercises can improve our mental endurance and overcome mental fatigue. 

- A high intensity activity like running  enhances memory as it triggers brain nerve cell growth.

- Regular exercises makes it possible for the generation of fresh new brain cells. There is increase in productivity because of routine workout as it enhances the quantity of fresh oxygen that reaches brain. Oxygen then improves overall brain functioning. The brain contains muscle, which needs oxygen like the rest of body to function efficiently.
- As per study, people who perform regular exercises are having better oxygen supply to the brain's frontal region who is responsible for decision making ability.
- Heavy exercises like weight lifting makes it possible to make one focused & with less distractions in their routine lives.
- Mental exercises …

Vaastu Principles & Marriage Life

Vaastu Principles & Marriage Life : Influence of the negative energies around can cause disturbance in the marriage life. There are few vaastu helping tips for a healthy & happy marriage life as below:
- The couple’s bedroom should not be in the south-east corner (Agney/Belongs to Fire Element). It may cause the conflicts and irritation between couple. The bedroom should be there in the south-west corner (Neirut) of the house.
- Avoid wall paintings that reflects the negative aspect of life like death, quarrels, violence etc. - Sharp metal utensils like Knife, scissors, if not in use should be covered in the dining place or kitchen. - The bedroom shape should be square or rectangular. - The color of the bedroom should ideally be light in shades of green, blue and rose pink. - Avoid bringing any office work in the bedroom. - Couples who aspire for children should avoid sleeping in a room in north- east corner (Eshan). - Mirrors facing the bed in a bedroom encourage infidelity …

Vaastu Shastra & Human Health

Vaastu Shastra & Human Health: Vaastu shastra is about bringing good health and all round prosperity in lives. Vaastu principles
brings three positive aspects in life i.e. Prosperity, Peace and Progress. Vaastu principles are based on the basic five elements of Nature like the Earth, Water, Sky, Fire and Air. Imbalance in these elements can cause discomforts to the human body and thus result in health disorders. By applying the principles of vaastu, health issues can be mitigated. The subtle energies prevailing in the house, along with the placement of different rooms and items influence the health of an individual. Vaastu helps in such a way that the people suffering from prolong illness cures organically or naturally after balancing the direction imbalance, if any of those are causing the problem.
Due to the presence of vaastu dosh in a living place, there may persists illness among its occupants. By implementing the Vaastu remedies, numerous health problems can be avoided sinc…

Body Fitness Strategies

Body Fitness Strategies:Physical activity can reduce the risk of chronic disease, assists in weight loose etc. regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Regular exercise can help in weight control, heart disease prevention and strengthening of bones/muscles. It will be better to consult with doctor or fitness trainer before starting a new fitness routine. At the time of starting personal fitness program, plan as per fitness goals, likes, physical barriers to fitness.

Exercise program can cause body muscles to contract and tighten. This may improves the joints movements and blood circulation.
As per studies, stretching out the major muscle groups after an exercise is a good practice. For beginners, stretching a few times a week after a brief warm up maintains the needed flexibility.
Always keep gentle stretching maintaining enough breathe. To improve upon athletic performance, one need to opt gradual progressive speed for stretching purpose (dynamic stretching).
Regular aerobic exe…

Surya Namaskar Concepts

Surya Namaskar Concepts: Surya Namaskar, is recommended to execute with an empty stomach. There should be a gap of at least two hours after eating and before performing the Surya namaskar. Surya namaskar is being normally performed in the morning time before breakfast or at evening time. Steps of Surya Namaskar:- Step 1 : 
Asana - Pranamasana; Breath - exhale; Chakra - Anahata;
Position - Heart; Bīja or Seed Mantra - ॐ ह्रां (om hrāṁ)
Step 2 :  Asana - Hasta Uttanasana; Breath - inhale; Chakra - Vishuddhi;
Position - Throat; Bīja or Seed Mantra - ॐ ह्रीं (om hrīṁ)
Step 3 :  Asana - Hastapaadasana; Breath - exhale; Chakra - Swadhisthana;
Position - Sacrum; Bīja or Seed Mantra - ॐ ह्रूं (om hrūṁ)
Step 4 :  Asana - Aekpaadprasarnaasana (one foot back, lift head, hands often on earth ); Breath - inhale; Chakra - Ajna;
Position - Third eye; Bīja or Seed Mantra - ॐ ह्रैं (om hraiṁ)
Step 5 :  Asana - Adho Mukha Svanasana / parvatasana; Breath - exhale; Chakra - Vishuddhi;
Position - Throat;…