Benefits of Exercises

Benefits of Exercises:
Regular work out improves memory & enhances focus. Exercise can improve body endurance on a physical level as we gain strength and energy. The exercises can improve our mental endurance and overcome mental fatigue. 

- A high intensity activity like running  enhances memory as it triggers brain nerve cell growth.

- Regular exercises makes it possible for the generation of fresh new brain cells. There is increase in productivity because of routine workout as it enhances the quantity of fresh oxygen that reaches brain. Oxygen then improves overall brain functioning. The brain contains muscle, which needs oxygen like the rest of body to function efficiently.
- As per study, people who perform regular exercises are having better oxygen supply to the brain's frontal region who is responsible for decision making ability.
- Heavy exercises like weight lifting makes it possible to make one focused & with less distractions in their routine lives.
- Mental exercises like Yoga practices improves mental clarity and the ability to analyze.

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