Vaastu Principles & Marriage Life

Vaastu Principles & Marriage Life :

Influence of the negative energies around can cause disturbance in the marriage life. There are few
vaastu helping tips for a healthy & happy marriage life as below:
- The couple’s bedroom should not be in the south-east corner (Agney/Belongs to Fire Element). It may cause the conflicts and irritation between couple. The bedroom should be there in the south-west corner (Neirut) of the house.
- Avoid wall paintings that reflects the negative aspect of life like death, quarrels, violence etc.
- Sharp metal utensils like Knife, scissors, if not in use should be covered in the dining place or kitchen.
- The bedroom shape should be square or rectangular.
- The color of the bedroom should ideally be light in shades of green, blue and rose pink.
- Avoid bringing any office work in the bedroom.
- Couples who aspire for children should avoid sleeping in a room in north- east corner (Eshan).
- Mirrors facing the bed in a bedroom encourage infidelity so should be avoided. Larger the size of the mirror, more harmful it is to a marriage life. If it is not possible to remove the mirror then at least cover it at night time.
- In the room, the bed (preferably wooden bed) should be in the south-west portion, with the head-side in the south direction.
- The gas stove/burner represents agni (fire element) so should be placed in south-east corner (Agney)
- The sink stands denotes water so should be placed in north-east corner (Eshan).
- Couples aspiring for children should never sleep in a north-east room (Eshan). The strong magnetic energies act as a barrier. Avoid any sharp colors or objects in the room.
- Never sleep under the beam otherwise that may cause ill health.
- Decorate the house with crystal show pieces and center pieces. Crystal helps in attracting light, thus lighting up the relationship.

Vaastu Shastra is a vedic science of happy living. It is possible to nurture marital relationships and bring the freshness back in love life by implementing few of Vaastu shastra’s principles at around living space. This can help in developing bonds and make life enjoyable.

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