Vaastu Shastra & Human Health

Vaastu Shastra & Human Health:

Vaastu shastra is about bringing good health and all round prosperity in lives. Vaastu principles
brings three positive aspects in life i.e. Prosperity, Peace and Progress. Vaastu principles are based on the basic five elements of Nature like the Earth, Water, Sky, Fire and Air. Imbalance in these elements can cause discomforts to the human body and thus result in health disorders. By applying the principles of vaastu, health issues can be mitigated. The subtle energies prevailing in the house, along with the placement of different rooms and items influence the health of an individual. Vaastu helps in such a way that the people suffering from prolong illness cures organically or naturally after balancing the direction imbalance, if any of those are causing the problem.

Due to the presence of vaastu dosh in a living place, there may persists illness among its occupants.
By implementing the Vaastu remedies, numerous health problems can be avoided since human energy is affected by many things including lighting, colours, plants, the placement of furniture, and by the shape and size of a construction.

People who follow Vaastu principles find that their thoughts are clear and creatively, make better decisions, feel happier and healthier. They feel more alert and refreshed throughout the day and experience less stress finding greater peace of mind. They have improved communication at all levels, have enhanced analytically abilities & improve working capabilities.

Ideal vaastu shastra's principles that need to follow for better health & wealth: 

- A house should be designed in such a way so that there is maximum entry of sunlight and proper cross ventilation.
The entire opening should be made on the North and East Side of the house.
- Head position should be either in south or east direction while sleeping & head should be at least 3 inches away from the wall. Head Pointing to the north leads to stress and aches, as electromagnetic waves flowing from the north may create conflict. 
- Face position should be towards east or north direction while eating. It will enhance the taste and improve digestion system of the body.
- One should not sit or sleep under an exposed beam.
- kitchen's location should be in South-east direction (Agney) & should not be in North-east direction (Eshan) or south or south-west (Neirut). At the time of cooking, eating and drinking avoid facing south-west (Neirut) and south direction. If followed then this principle is specially beneficial for women health as they spent most of time in the kitchen. 
- The source of water or water tank should be in North-east direction (Eshan).
- The old age family member at home should live in South-west direction (Neirut) for their good health.
- While sleeping, avoid radiation exposure like that come from mobiles or any other gadget and any iron objects near the bed. This provides sound sleep & good health.
- Avoid keeping exposed mirrors and if possible do cover laptop screen or TV screen etc.
- Provide maximum distance between kitchen and toilet.
- Working place should be avoided under the staircase. Stairs in the northeast creates tension and high blood pressure. Also if placed in the central portion of the building, it can create major health problem.
- Keep the bed three inches away from the wall & it should not be aligned with the toilet wall. Prefer wooden beds without any storage Pregnant women & married couple should not live in a bedroom that is located in the north-east(Eshan)/south-east(Agney) direction. 
- The color of roof and wall should not be same. Additionally there should not be any tree facing window or door. Placing a convex mirror on outside wall will reduce the ill effect.
- Locating a garbage area in the north-east (Eshan) hampers blood circulation.
Closed spaces in the north and north-east (Eshan) disturbs concentration level of children.
- Burning a candle (Source of Agni) in south-east direction (Agney) is always good for health.
- Prefer facing either in north or east direction while working or studying. It sharpens the memory & enhance the decision making ability.
- For devotional purpose & while worshiping, the face should be either towards East or West.
- Do plant basil (Tulsi) in home as it purifies surrounding air. Avoid Rubber, Milky and Bonsai plants in the home as they add to negative energies by raising tension & illness.

Studies suggests that good health and vaastu shastra are mutually related. It is an established fact that the Earth has a magnetic field. We can better utilize the surrounding energy forms like solar, magnetic, radiation or sound energy by applying vaastu principles. 
Vaastu is a knowledge of direction, geography, topography, environment and physics. It is a bridge between man and nature. It is a science of five elements i.e. Earth, fire, water, space, and air to achieve the maximum benefits out of life. The vaastu doshas have some remedies and if resolved timely may lead to the happiness and peace in the life.

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