Universal Spiritual Aspects !!

The universe comes out of the union of two fundamental forces: 

Matter (jada, or ’that which gives shape’) and Consciousness (chetan).

The human body is a very good example of this fact. Our body is made up of five basic elements -the pancha tatvas. The separation of consciousness from matter/body results in death. In the absence of consciousness, matter/body rapidly decays and its constituting elements eventually dissolve into their cosmic states.
Although the components of Nature are powerful in their own right, their usefulness has depended on the inventive skills of human consciousness. For example, water is plentiful in oceans but is too salty. The atmosphere is full of gases, electro-magnetic rays, X-rays etc. but these components are not useful on their own. It is the human intervention, or alternatively the intervention of developed consciousness, that organises matter so as to make it useful. For example, man has developed methods to process water to make it fit for human consumption. Fire and electricity were present in the universe since times immemorial, but man's intelligence organised these entities in a utilisable form.
Science can be called the unison of matter and consciousness. In the absence of their righteous use, matter and consciousness are open to be abused.

The universal governing power of a human being is "consciousness." 

There are five physical senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and vision. senses have limited requirements, beyond which they become saturated. Satisfaction of the senses is a bodily requirement, and the mind is one of the senses. The mind is considered to be the sixth sense. Its attributes are greed, attachment (moha) towards worldly objects and people, and egoism. The mind is different from the rest of the senses in that it is always unsatisfied and ambitious.

It is the faith that generates desires. Thoughts play an indispensable role in fulfilling desires. Thoughts possess the power to mould the personality and give it a direction towards progress or failure. A person is what he thinks. Thoughts are extremely powerful. They inspire a person to take decisions regarding what is to be done and what is not to be done. This decision-making capability lies with the brain. Motivations are generated in the brain. The organs of the body simply obey them like faithful servants. Therefore, it is the brain that is responsible for good or bad deeds.

what do deities give? They give only what they themselves possess. Naturally, one can give only what one has. Deities have only one thing  divinity (devtva). Divinity is the most refined and virtuous form of ones nature, conduct, qualities and deeds. Deities gladly bestow divinity upon the devotees, saying that, "we have given you the best we could; now it is up to you to accept and make use of it in the way you find it suitable and succeed accordingly."

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