Garbh Sanskar : Fertility Diet Foods to Avoid & Prefer

Garbh Sanskar : Women Fertility Diet Foods to Avoid & Prefer:

We need to make an intentional effort to control the consumption of food intake in order to regulate our body performance. All the focus should be on “Healthy Balance Diet Nourishment”. Would be parent should follow the recommended diet as suggested by the Health care professional. A healthy diet intake is vital for a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. A balance diet can help to correct hormone imbalances that may affect ability to conceive. There are certain foods that may lower the fertility. Before conceiving, mind/body needs to be working at optimum levels. It is very possible to improve the quality of egg and mature the sperm in approximately 4 months time.

A balanced diet is essential for the body to function properly. Supplements having protein and calories can help in improving fertility. Providing sufficient nutrition should be the basis for treatment of infertility. Bee pollen and royal jelly are extremely nutrient-rich bee products that help stimulate fertility. 

Sugar Intake need to avoid or regulate
Sugar may affect the insulin levels to rise. When you take high sugar content food, your body releases insulin hormone to subside the blood sugar level. The ups & downs of this hormone may bring along other hormones as well through connected endocrine system. When just one hormone deregulate, it affects the others – including sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, etc.)
Sugar is hard to digest & needed the stored essential nutrients to consume it. Liver need to over work in this way which negatively affect its routine functionality.

Take enough Fat Milk maintain body’s cellular structure fat is needed. Intake of milk low in fat may cause an imbalance of hormones throughout the body, which further causes failure in ovulation or production of a healthy egg. As per study, Women who consume enough fat were found to have a lower risk of infertility. Eating healthy fat milk is helpful in reproduction.

Balance intake of Soy
A diet having small intake of soy may not be troublesome. Soy is high in something called phytic acid which prevents nutrients from being absorbed. They also consumes stored nutrients while trying to digest them.

Little of Processed Foods intake
One must be selective while taking the processed food content (Trans Fats, high fructose corn syrup, and soda). Their intake may insert different toxins into our body. The liver then becomes less efficient in process of cleaning them. We need to employ a lot of vital nutrient previously stored to digesting them.

Caffeine intake need to avoid or regulate
The liver function is to convert caffeine intake so that it may be passed in your urine & simultaneously deals with excreting the necessary hormones. If the liver is overworked in one area, it can’t function properly. Caffeine increases the waste disposal of calcium from the body which must be prevented in order to sustain possibility of absorbing vital vitamin D to nourish the body as well as to provide little baby with strong bones. As per study women who regularly consume coffee had up reduction in fertility or an early miscarriage. As per study it is good to avoid caffeine containing food and drinks (colas, chocolate, black teas and coffee etc.) for at least 3 months before conceiving.

Note: Avoidable food and exposure to chemical toxins negatively affect the sperm and egg production which further could be the cause of miscarriage. Simultaneously it is equally important to consult a physician or health-care provider before coming to any conclusion.

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