Application of Music Therapy at Pregnancy Time !!

During pregnancy period, applying basics of different kinds of music leave different impact on mind, body and soul. Let the music sink in you. Just imagine that divine energy is entering into your body with the divine music. All the cells of the fetus and mother are filled with divinity. You are surrounded by divinity.

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Especially composed music and the miraculous waves produced by it leave stunning results on the neurotransmitters of the brain. This way the brain starts reaching the alpha state and that’s why music has very important role to play in brain nourishment, healing & treatments.
- All the cells of the fetus and mother are filled with divinity. They are surrounded by divinity.
 The fetus will get all these qualities along with mother which refine their thought process to make them a better person.
All the emotions are included in the music. Music can bring your inner feelings. Through music you get connected to the whole universe. If cows listen to a special music they will produce more milk & you will find calm and peace in their behavior. If music is played for plants then they grow better.
- In our online live classes we will provide so many music & mantra tracks as course material. 
- If required we will do dousing with crystal pendulum so that we can get to know about hidden problems. 

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