Application of Sun Therapy at Pregnancy Time !!

Sun is the source of life. Sun light is the best anti biotic, anti fungal and anti viral. Vitamin D also gets synthesized due to sun. Sun helps in photosynthesis. Due to sun, the oxygen is released and food is prepared.
There is a description of Kunti in Mahabharata. One fine day she was in deep meditation and focused on SUN. She imagined sun to be in her uterus. This resulted in the birth of Surya Putra Karan. 

Know about :
Absorption of extra sun energy through scientific way during pregnancy will help in the development of the fetus.
- Vitamin D is very important for bones strength, intelligence and immune system of our body. Sun light is huge source of Vitamin D.
- Lack of Sunlight causes problems related to endocrine glands like thyroid, pituitary, pineal and pancreas.
- Insufficient absorption of sun energy by the skin may cause mental ailments like anger, madness, depression etc.

There are people in this world who are living without food and water for many years. They take energy directly from sun. Few of them are Mr. Prahlad Gyani, Mr. N.N. Parmar and Mr. Hira Ratan Manik.Mr. N.N. Parmar helps us in Garbh Sanskar and has been living without food and water from last 24 years. We don’t ask to become like these saints. But, yes with the help of Sun Therapy you can give birth to a Majestic, vigorous and powerful child like Karan.

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