Key features of Online Garbh Sanskar Antenatal Classes !!

During pregnancy period, applying basics of  Garbh Sanskar Concepts will leave soothing impact on mind, body and soul. 

Know about :
Employing Sun Therapy, Yagya Therapy, Mantra Therapy, Music Therapy, Garbh Samvaad.
- To balance 7 chakras and activates 24 subtle points.
 Purification of mind, body and soul of couple.
- Invitation of divine soul to take birth though your womb.
- Finding right time of conception from astrological aspect, choosing right nakshatra, lunar days, planetary position etc.
- Purification of mind, body and soul of couple.
- Other therapies to be covered  includes Food Therapy; PranaTherapy;  Ayurveda; Naturopathy; Yoga; Pranayam;Healing;  Psycho Therapy, Mudra therapy, swar therapy etc.
- Brain stimulation technique that enhances the co-ordination of left and right brain.
- Various meditation and relaxation techniques for would be mother.

Know how to give birth to a Genius, well cultured, virtuous, majestic, healthy & beautiful child; please go to following Youtube videos :- 


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