Application of Naturopathy at Pregnancy Time !!

During pregnancy period, applying basics of naturopathy can surely helps in providing deeper nourishment to the mother and her fetus. 

Know about:
- Maintaining balance between Five Body Elements - water, earth, fire, air and ether.
- Timely removal of toxins from the body in the form of excreta, Urine, sweat, CO2. Thus safeguards vital body parts like Kidneys, Intestines, Skin etc.
- Keeping the body immune system healthy & keep away the chance of any diseases to survive.
- Removal of toxins surely aid to Blood purification.

Please Note:
Normally we can’t apply all fundamentals of Naturopathy during pregnancy. We have to be cautious to avail benefits & keep away any unwanted effect. So to know more please go to below given link or see youtube video.

Related Link:

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