Significance of Vedic Yantras !!

Significance of Vedic Yantras :- 

Among the sacred symbols compiled / designed by the Vedic Rishis, Yantras are predominantly regarded as
devices for devotional sadhanas. These are used as tools for mental concentration and meditation. Keeping specific Yantra in specific direction in the home and worshiping it and concentrating upon it is said to have distinct auspicious effects. 

A Mantra is the generator of specific currents of sublime sound and its perceivable manifestation, a Yantra is a monogram  a spectrograph, of this sonic energy. In terms of their spiritual effects, Yantras are like schematic sketches of the contours or structures of divine energy fields. 

Use of Yantras as the object of sadhana enables focused use of specific currents of cosmic energy. Incidentally, the Sanskrit word for machines, instruments or technological devices is also "yantra". 

The Vedic Yantras are also attributed in the scriptures as source of beneficial results in short time. These are like super machines having components as syllables, symbols and geometric figures that encode cosmic energy currents. 

According to Sanskrit Grammar, the word "Yantra" is derived from the conjugation of the verb "yam" with suffix "tra" or with the verb "trana". Both ways its implied meaning is similar to that of Mantra and Tantra; viz, the protector and liberator (from all sorrows) of the sincere devotee.

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