Sexual Health Awareness

Sexual Health Concern:

It is essential to be well aware of necessary aspects of sexual health. This is a concern not only for a healthy relationships but also for the pregnancies planning and Sexually transmitted diseases or infection prevention as well.

From time to time one need to consult the doctor or other health care providers regarding the health status.
Here it is important to understand that Sexually transmitted diseases or infections are having no initial symptoms & a person might have infection without being aware of it.

Taking enough protection is the key say by means of options like using condoms.

One has to constantly gather information regarding having a healthy and enjoyable sex life naturally irrespective of the age. Stress, Physical changes with age, illness, disabilities and the medicines can impair the sex life. 

A healthy & open communication between sex partners regarding each others sexual needs or routine health status can resolves many issue with ease.

If requires the need of a medical advise then may take concern of a doctor or a health care consultant.

Adolescents needs parent guidance to effectively handle bodily changes by making them aware about their sexual behavior. 

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