Diet and nutrition essential for mental health

Diet and nutrition essential for mental health:

There is an important relationships between the diet quality, nutritional deficiencies and mental health.

Maternal and early life nutrition is the key factor in the high prevalence of mental disorders. Nutrition is important factor in mental health outcomes in children.

Nutrient based prescription has the potential to assist in the management of mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Study suggests that nutrients like omega-3s, B vitamins (folate, B12), iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, amino acids are having a direct link with brain health. It will be good to consume these nutrients in the diet form as far as possible. Nutrient supplements may also be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

Many studies have shown relation between healthy nutritional diet and a reduced risk for depression across people. It is need of time to consider diet and additional nutrients to manage the mental ill health.

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