Dental Care during Pregnancy !!

Dental Care during Pregnancy:

Before a woman plan pregnancy, it is important to maintain the health of teeth and gums. Woman need to brush the teeth and gentle massage the gum-line twice a day. For brushing purpose, woman may opt a soft toothbrush with fluoride tooth paste. Woman usually feel more comfortable in taking any dental treatment before pregnancy as compared to post pregnancy due to morning sickness or tiredness at the time pregnancy.

Even though a pregnancy does not have any role in dental decay. Usually dental health get linked to premature delivery and thus healthy teeth and gums is one of the safe pregnancy assurance.

During pregnancy period, consult the dentist on how to take care of teeth & gums.The doctor take all care in prescribing medicines to a pregnant woman as the medicine may affect baby's developing teeth.

At the time of facing the morning sickness or gastric reflux (heartburn) issue particularly during first trimester, the acidic stomach contents can coat the teeth while vomiting. The acid coat may cause the dental erosion which enhances the risk of tooth decay by dissolving tooth enamel.
It is advised not to brush the teeth for half an hour immediately after vomiting or acid reflux. Just rinse mouth with water after every vomit to wash out the acid content. Half an hour time is enough for enamels to recover from the acid attack.
Applying fluoride toothpaste on your teeth can help strengthen enamel. Fluoride strengthens the teeth and helps to prevent tooth decay.

To prevent plaque formation, brush the teeth and massage the gums twice a day. This cleaning need to be done after breakfast and at night before going to sleep.

As far as possible dental x-rays should be avoided during pregnancy. If x-ray is extremely essential then it should be performed under specialist observation and supervision.

Avoid the food such as sugary or acidic snacks that enhances the chance of tooth decay and erosion. Consume foods which are low in sugar, fat and salt but rich in fibre. Rinse mouth with tap water between each meal.

For a pregnant woman, the calcium intake in any form is extremely essential as it decides the health of baby's teeth and bones as well. The needed calcium and phosphorus comes from mother's diet like dairy foods. Teeth and bones of a 4 month fetus begins demands for minerals like calcium and phosphorous.

Sources of calcium:
- Milk and milk products
- Dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt (such as soy milk with added calcium)
- non-fat or skim yoghurt
- spinach

Consult the doctor & a dietitian for their recommendation particularly for mineral rich food or supplements intake during pregnancy.

There is possibility of passing the tooth decay which may cause bacteria transfer to fetus. Newborn babies may have bacteria in the mouth causing the tooth decay. Mother can reduce  the probability of bacteria passed to her baby by maintaining their own teeth healthy. It is necessary to have treatment of own tooth decay as priority to reduce amount of bacteria in the mouth.

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