Pregnancy & Relationship with Partner

Pregnancy & Relationship with the partner:

Pregnancy & the baby might bring behavioral changes among pregnant couple's relationship. These
changes occur smoothly for some couples & some may feel resistance to these changes. Some couple might think that pregnancy & baby birth effect their physical relationship.

There is no thumb rule for Pregnant couple's behavior during pregnancy period. Its individual decision regarding the way to deal with worries, problems, pleasure, joy and the waiting.

Male partner may need time to adjust to pregnancy as he is biologically not connected as much as his partner does. Partner should feel more involved & be supportive in partner's pregnancy/health concern.

Many a times male partner get a feel of pregnancy after seeing the baby during the ultrasound. This is the time he feels sense of involvement with unborn baby.

Mutually sharing of feelings is a great step towards understanding the each others emotions during pregnancy. It's also important to remember that the rules for pregnancy period may vary from person to person.

Pregnancy time is an emotional phase for couples & there might be chances of argument during pregnancy which is quite normal. These arguments may be about some particular things or worry about the ongoing changes happening in lives due to pregnancy phase. Couple need to work on about how to deal with these problems, and on how to adjust with the changes that are soon to arrive.

Couple need to acknowledge that they are going through an emotional challenging phase. Need to implement advises regarding woman's health, nutritional diet, deal with labor time during pregnancy. Presence of partner & dear ones during pregnancy period is always an advantage to the pregnant woman & her baby. As a sensible partner, you might wonder on how to cope seeing the partner in pain and whether you will be able to help her. It is stressful for partner supporting his partner in labor.
Based on mutual will, feelings & with all considering regarding pregnancy complications, it will be safe to have physical sex relations while pregnancy. By nature the uterus is sealed off by the muscles of the cervix and a plug of mucus.

Due to physical sickness & tiredness, women may lose interest in having sex during their first trimester. The feelings regarding sex drive may change during the middle months of the pregnancy. Though women may find some sex positions being odd to perform with ease. Many couples find that side by side positions works best for them.
At pregnancy's later stages, having an orgasm might cause "Braxton Hicks" contractions due to which muscles of her uterus may go hard. In this case, she just need to lie quietly until the contractions stop naturally. The contractions will not harm the baby at all. Consult the doctor for advice about having sex during pregnancy particularly when she had a previous miscarriage or has bleeding during current pregnancy.

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