Mother’s stress hormone levels & fetus health !!

Mother’s stress hormone levels & fetus health:

For the natural growth of fetus, the supply of glucose from mother to fetus is essential.
Glucocorticoids, the stress hormones levels regulates metabolism in the fetus. Stress occurrence due to physical, mental or social environment adversely raises the levels of hormones.

A pregnant woman naturally get the glucocorticoid corticosterone via drinking water. The treatment to produce glucocorticoid levels in the mother is like that appears in stressful conditions.

Placenta is the organ that supplies all of the substances required for fetus growth.

As per study, When corticosterone is given in later pregnancy and in unlimited eating conditions, the pregnant woman though eat more but her placenta was unable to transport glucose to the fetus proportionately. This leads to a decrease in the fetus size. This effect was not seen when the hormone was visualize in pregnancy's early stages i.e. when the diet is in limited condition. Actually in stress conditions and with an unlimited diet, the activity of certain genes in the placenta get modify. The modified genes includes "gene Redd1" which signals availability of oxygen and also to interact with intracellular pathways that regulates growth and nutrient supply in body tissues.

As per study that maternal glucocorticoids regulate foetal nutrition by acting on the placenta. The glucocorticoid levels in pregnant women determine the nutrients received by the fetus and influence the long term metabolic health.
The stress hormone reduced the ability of the placenta to pass essential nutrients to the fetus.

Women who get stressed during pregnancy or those who are clinically treated with glucocorticoids, the extent to which changes in the ability of the placenta to transport nutrients to the fetus exacerbate or protect the child from the potential adverse effects of glucocorticoid overexposure during pregnancy.

By working on diet, a mother can fight the adverse effects of stress hormones on the human placenta. Would be mother’s ‘hormonal profile’ should be observed for a healthy pregnancy & healthy fetus.

Since research is going on, it will always be better to take advice of doctor or health consultant regarding stress hormone levels & fetus health.


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