Vitamin D and Pregnancy

Vitamin D and Pregnancy:

The important role of Vitamin D in the body is to help in strengthening the muscle and bone; by
absorbing the calcium from food eaten. In other words; Calcium supports the bones and teeth structure while vitamin D improves calcium absorption and bone growth. Vitamin D gives protection against cancer,  heart disease and diabetes.

Vitamin D is responsible for the development of bones of fetus in case of pregnancy. The deficiency of vitamin D can affect the baby's bone strength which may cause a bone deformity known as rickets.

Sun is good source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is generated in skin by means of sun’s ultraviolet rays & for this one just need sunlight exposure. Food sources of Vitamin D are from Cheese, butter, fortified milk, fortified cereals etc.

It is necessary to have your Vitamin D level checked by means of a blood test; before pregnancy or in early pregnancy.
If the level found too low, one has to consume vitamin D supplements under medical supervision.

If a would be mother is Vitamin D deficient during the pregnancy then the new born baby may not get enough vitamin D through breast milk. So the baby should consume vitamin D supplements under doctor's advise and must also have sun exposure for natural consumption of vitamin D through skin absorption. 

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