Garbh Sanskar - Care during Pregnancy Period

Care during Pregnancy Period: 

There are many very important topics that need to be addressed earlier in pregnancy rather than later. Early pregnancy classes are a great starting point. It can be of great advantage of taking a Antenatal or Garbh Sanskar class early on in your pregnancy, or even before pregnancy.

Analytically cross check self behavior during pregnancy & do take good care of yourself under the guidance of Antenatal consultant or a health care professional. Try & opt some basic ideas such as:

1)  Advantage of Joining an Antenatal or Garbh Sanskar Classes

a) Learn about pregnancy - Attending a Antenatal / Garbh Sanskar or pregnancy class is a great way to involve your partner in the process as well. You can get answers from your antenatal consultant to your routine questions that might seem like one can hesitate to ask the doctor, like, is it safe to have sex in pregnancy?

b) The pregnancy classes is for laying down a great foundation of getting knowledge regarding safe & healthy pregnancy. You get to know things like, taking a prenatal vitamin, simple thing like when to call your midwife or doctor, know about how to prevent preterm labor.

c) Gathering of expectant couples - Thought sharing in a group of common interest people. The community here is would be of parents. Finding others early on is a great way to share that experience with other people.

d) Antenatal pregnancy class is a great place to learn about nutrition and exercise specifically as it applies to pregnancy. This will have a lasting effect on would be mother and her baby. These classes are quick, usually for one hour & on average twice a week. They may also fill up quickly, so be sure that you sign up as soon as you know you’re pregnant, if not before.

e) An early pregnancy class are designed to be taken before the end of pregnancy's first trimester or ideally as one start trying to conceive. You need not to bother to find localized independent childbirth educators who offer early pregnancy classes as there available online classes runs worldwide at your home's comfort.

2) Take more than five nutrient meals every day. Idea here is to eat healthy food in parts rather than in bulk. By doing this chance of acidity or heat burning can be avoided.

3) Always follow suggestions by antenatal consultant for any supplements like prenatal vitamins.

4) Consume best possible fluid in quality & quantity regularly. Here one should avoid caffeine and unnatural colored fluid. Optimum water intake is a must during pregnancy period.

5) Avoid inhaling smoke in any form. Breathe in a fresh environment. Do yoga exercise like pranayam in least polluted area.

6) Learn & perform regular pregnancy exercises which is essential for for personal & fetus's health. Regular exercise like yoga  helps in stress reduction. Regular walk at an optimum pace in a healthy environment. Read matter about Pranayam (in hindi language)

7) A sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours is required during pregnancy. This is a necessity for physical & mental body rest.  

8) Always wear comfortable, expandable foot wear. Keep feet position upward many times a day to resist fatigue and swelling of the feet, legs, and ankles.

9) Always refer under the Antenatal consultant or a health care professional for any medications or herbal remedies.

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