Garbh Sanskar-Fetus training program Features

Garbh Sanskar / Fetus training program Features :

These are online live class executing all over the world on more than 100 different topics. Course starts before conception & runs up to delivery. During pregnancy period, applying basics of  Garbh Sanskar Concepts will leave soothing impact on mind, body and soul. 

Know about :
- Employing Sun Therapy, Yagya Therapy, Mantra Therapy, Music Therapy, Garbh Samvaad.
- To balance 7 chakras and activates 24 subtle points.
.-  Purification of mind, body and soul of couple.
- Invitation of divine soul to take birth though your womb.
- Finding right time of conception from astrological aspect, choosing right nakshatra, lunar days, planetary position etc.
- Other therapies to be covered  includes Food Therapy; PranaTherapy;  Ayurveda; Naturopathy; Yoga; Pranayam;Healing;  Psycho Therapy, Mudra therapy, swar therapy etc.
- Brain stimulation technique that enhances the co-ordination of left and right brain.
- Various meditation and relaxation techniques for would be mother.

Therapies & Techniques:

1) Naturopathy before Pregnancy & during Pregnancy

During pregnancy period, applying basics of naturopathy can surely helps in providing deeper nourishment to the mother and her fetus. 

Know about:
- Maintaining balance between Five Body Elements - water, earth, fire, air and ether.
- Timely removal of toxins from the body in the form of excreta, Urine, sweat, CO2. Thus safeguards vital body parts like Kidneys, Intestines, Skin etc.
- Keeping the body immune system healthy & keep away the chance of any diseases to survive.
- Removal of toxins surely aid to Blood purification.

Please Note:
Normally its not possible to apply all fundamentals of Naturopathy during pregnancy. We have to be cautious to avail benefits & keep away any unwanted effect. One must consult Garbh Sanskar or Antenatal Consultant.

2) Psycho Therapy for pregnant women

Every person is unique and has own personality with good or bad habits. 
Psycho Therapy helps to find the queries like :
- How can we bring change to our personality and improve it? 
- How to get rid of negative traits of the personality? 
- Why to let the negative traits transfer to our child? 

We have to control of our negative traits. We need to shield our child from all the negative things. Your high thinking will be transferred to the fetus and this will change the thought process of the child.

Would be Mother's thinking or feelings will leave ever lasting impact on the fetus. If would be mother has noble thoughts then the child will also be of noble thoughts as child is her reflection. Therefore it is well known saying that "only a great mother can give birth to a great child". Mother has to be happy in every situation. Home atmosphere should be favorable and happy. All the family members should respect and love each other.  

3) Sun Therapy for pregnant women

Sun is the source of life. Sun light is the best anti biotic, anti fungal and anti viral. Vitamin D also gets synthesized due to sun. Sun helps in photosynthesis. Due to sun, the oxygen is released and food is prepared. 

Know about : Absorption of extra sun energy through scientific way during pregnancy will help in the development of the fetus.
- Vitamin D is very important for bones strength, intelligence and immune system of our body. Sun light is huge source of Vitamin D.
- Lack of Sunlight causes problems related to endocrine glands like thyroid, pituitary, pineal and pancreas.
- Insufficient absorption of sun energy by the skin may cause mental ailments like anger, madness, depression etc.

There are people in this world who are living without food and water for many years. They take energy directly from sun. 

4) Homa Therapy or Yagna Therapy

Yagna therapy has a very special therapeutic effect. During pregnancy Garbh Pushti yagna is performed. In this Yagna a specific herbal preparation energized in the sacrificial fire of yagna is given to the mother to reach the fetus.This special 'treatment' performed with chanting of mantras during yagna,  strengthens healthy development of the gross (physical), subtle (mental) and astral (conscious) body of the child. This will take 10 to 15 minutes in total. Yagna is a subtle science. Injection acts faster than a capsule and a nebulizer acts faster than injection. In other words smaller the particle faster it acts. We can understand this with an example. Without food you can live for 10 – 15 days, without water you can live for 4-5 days, but without air you cannot live for more than 3 minutes. Food molecules are bigger in size, water molecules are smaller in size but air molecules are so small that we cannot even see them with our naked eyes. Energy released by Yagna and Mantra cannot be seen through our eyes. But this subtle yagna and mantra energy provide nourishment to mind, body & soul of fetus.         

5) Mantra Therapy during Pregnancy

During pregnancy period, applying basics of Mantra Therapy surely helps in curing infertility, making Genius Baby & enhancing memory power.

Know about :
- Various kinds of Mantras and Beej Mantras work on the vibration energy and that is why they are able to reach the subtle levels.
- Reciting mantras in different ragas, sur and taal will produce different effects. There are few Maha Mantras that vibrates the seven chankras and 24 subtle points in the body. When these chakras and subtle points get activated we achieve divine wisdom.
- The fetus will get all these qualities along with mother which refine their thought process to make them a better person.

6) Music Therapy during Pregnancy

During pregnancy period, applying basics of different kinds of music leave different impact on mind, body and soul. Let the music sink in you. Just imagine that divine energy is entering into your body with the divine music. All the cells of the fetus and mother are filled with divinity. You are surrounded by divinity.

Know about :
- Especially composed music and the miraculous waves produced by it leave stunning results on the neurotransmitters of the brain. This way the brain starts reaching the alpha state and that’s why music has very important role to play in brain nourishment, healing & treatments.
- All the cells of the fetus and mother are filled with divinity. They are surrounded by divinity.
-  The fetus will get all these qualities along with mother which refine their thought process to make them a better person.
- All the emotions are included in the music. Music can bring your inner feelings. Through music you get connected to the whole universe. If cows listen to a special music they will produce more milk & you will find calm and peace in their behavior. If music is played for plants then they grow better.

7) Prana Chikitsa or Pranic healing during Pregnancy

During pregnancy period, applying basics of Prana Chikitsa or Pranic healing can surely helps in enhancing vital life force that nourishes the mind, body, soul of fetus. 
As we are aware of pranayam techniques of yoga but we need to learn Pranic Techniques as well.

Know about :
- Applying very special Pranic Techniques, One can enhance the level of prana or vital life force in the body by means of absorbing huge amount of naturally available cosmic energy or prana energy.

8) Garbh Samwad Technique

Garbh Samwad is a technique where learning is about how to communicate with the baby in the womb. If the baby is awake during garbh samwad then baby will respond by its body movement.
In advanced garbh samwad techniques would be mother is taken to a state of trans and try to create impressions in the form of good teaching at the sub conscious mind of the baby. As a part of Grabh Samwad also includes special brain stimulation exercises that increases the coordination between right and left brain of the baby. This enhances all the five intelligence like emotional, spiritual, mental , physical and social  and maintains overall behavioral balance of the baby. Consistent practice of Garbh Samwad technique will not only develop Mind, Body and Soul of baby but also helps baby to become genius. 

Know how to give birth to a Genius, well cultured, virtuous, majestic, healthy & beautiful child; please go to following Youtube videos :- 


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