Immortal Soul - Physical Body - Spiritual Analysis

Immortal Soul and Physical Body - Spiritual Analysis

Purpose & Goal of life

In spite of being within the body, the Soul cannot exist as its integral constituent. The source of happiness lies within the Soul. The soul’s interest, therefore, consists in acquisition of spiritual merit (punya-prayojana). 
Interests of the gross body lie in a contrary direction; the external senses and the mind long for
worldly enjoyments to the maximum possible extent. By adopting this course of action, man spends his whole life trying to satisfy the insatiable appetites of the mortal body and, in the process, goes on sinning and accumulating demerits. The senses do get entertained this way, but the soul has to suffer both here and in the hereafter. When interests of the soul are catered to, the body is put to discomfort. It has to endure the rigours of austerity, sacrifice, continence, sense-control altruistic service, charitableness etc.
Thus, we find that interests of the body and that of the soul, are mutually exclusive; in the pleasure of one, lies the pain of the other.The soul derives immediate pleasure in righteous deeds (satkarma). Both in this world (loka) and the other (parloka), inner happiness depends on acts of righteousness. 
The simple and natural method of communication with God is in knowing one's true immortal Self, appreciating dignity of human life, finding out the specific role of human species in the creation of God, and thereafter start functioning without any ego-centered motive.
The conventional rituals of Sadhana like fasting, Jap, Anushthans, Yagya, etc. are beneficial as initial steps. To further enhance purity of mind, positive traits, nobility, lead to self Enlightenment, we have to reveals our identity as immortal Souls.

Mankind's Growth Aspect & Retrogression:
Spirituality aspects suggests that in the course of its progressive evolution, the Soul inhabits bodies with evolved birth as a human being.
Odds like lust, anger, greed, infatuation and cravings for pleasure keep body always entangled in the world of misery. In this ever-changing nature of material world, one can never have lasting peace and happiness. Throughout life body keeps on craving for more and more of what he considers pleasant and getting frustrated on denial of his wishes. The attachment to the pleasant and repulsion from the unpleasant are two root causes of retrogression.

Firm Self belief on immortality of soul :
If you are told to sit for meditation and are asked to conceive: 'I have died'. Then It would be impossible to think that you as an individuality have ceased to exist. It would not be difficult to have such a simple imagery for those who have been practicing the elaborate exercises of visualization. The moment one thinks about one's death, at the same time there is an awareness: 'I am standing aside looking at it.' This 'I' is ever vigilant, ever present. Try as one may, one cannot conceive the death of this 'I'- the seer. The analytical faculty of one's intellect thus insists that the Soul ('I') is immortal.
In this way deep within human consciousness is entrenched an unwavering faith in the immortality of the Soul. It is based on numerous past experiences of death (of the body) in earlier births, beyond which the Soul has continued to exist. When a person becomes unconscious because of a shock or under the influence of drugs, this 'I' remains wide awake and alert. Otherwise, on regaining normalcy, how could a concerned person know that he had been unconscious? Firm faith in one's real Self as indivisible, immortal and beyond the reach of physical, sensory perceptions, is an essential pre-requisite for starting on the path of Self-realization.

Soul the ever present witness:
Try as you may with the farthest range of imagination, you will never succeed in going beyond the Soul. You will never believe that this 'I' is ever non-existent. This 'I' (the Soul) is a drop of that absolute, indestructible, immutable, ocean of consciousness, which we call God.

Within a human being there exist, in dormant state, divine potentialities, seeking an outlet to manifest themselves in action. The inner powers can be accessed and made operative, although their mastery requires persistent, focused endeavor. After achieving the threshold of consciousness , the vision becomes clear and path becomes easy. In its original nature, the individual Soul (Atma) in each embodied being is an indivisible portion of the Absolute (Parmatma).

Individual’s place in Universe:
We are hardly aware of the movements of perpetually flowing natural currents of matter around us.
Everything in this world is undergoing a constant and unstoppable change. This is the absolute, immutable law of nature, governing not only the material world but also all realms of manifestation, including the spiritual.
The transmissions of energy from the human mind as impulses, desires, emotions, ideologies, thoughts, resolutions. These energy waves travel around the world without the help of any tangible medium. Ideologies of individuals get transformed into mass movements and revolutions. one feels unfit at a place where mass thinking by groups of immoral persons. Conversely one feels relaxed at a place of healthy entertainment and peaceful at a place of worship.
The mindset of man is always in a state of flux. The most hated enemy of yesterday becomes the most loved person of today. There are numerous examples of such transformations in the mindsets of individuals. It is because constituents of mental energy as old thoughts and ideologies are being perpetually replaced by new ones.

This world is an ocean of life and energy. The soul is progressively evolving in this medium and in this process taking what is necessary and discarding what is not. Each particle of what we call physical matter is also instinct with intelligence and life. It is following universal laws. Each particle is being sustained, activated, and made to act intelligently within a particular paradigm in this Universal Field of life and energy.

As a being we are dependent for our activities and very survival on this ocean of life. Particles of universally pervasive intelligence and energy, cosmic consciousness (Chetna) and life, are activating infinite systems, forms and forces of this cosmos.

Ultimate state of Self-realization:
The Soul has its immortal existence, but this is so in its inseparable relation to the Supreme Soul/Spirit (Parmeshwar). This is the ultimate state of unity. This is the ultimate level of Self-realization. On this level of transcendental consciousness, there is a clear perception that in the multitude of shapes and forms of animate and inanimate objects of the world is hidden reality of one Life, one Cosmic Force, and one Truth.

Attributes of an Enlightened person:

An enlightened person feels an intuitive affinity with everything in the creation. To him, nothing in the world appears alien, ugly, or unworthy of close intimacy He consider the nests of the birds equally significant as his residence. This enlightenment is not only essential for spiritual progress but also a necessity for the well-being and happiness of the world. It intuitively promotes the feeling of universal brotherhood. From this exalted level of consciousness, the awakened seer knows how to interact with equanimity under all circumstances. Once a seeker rises to this awakened awareness and vision, all attributes of nobility - love, compassion, selfless service, fearlessness, balance and poise - automatically become part of his nature and all traces of evil traits and impulses fall away.

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